There's no point!

Have you ever thought about the purpose of the point on a kitchen knife - or indeed any knife? Does it actually have a useful purpose in this day and age? We may need one or two specialist knives with points in the kitchen, but does every knife need a point?

We're thinking about starting a campaign to reduce the amount of knives being produced with points, and the first thing we'll do is ask the professionals what they need. If the majority of uses don't call for a point, then we'll talk to the designers and manufacturers. If they say there's no problem about producing knives that look just as good without a point, we'll use this to mount a campaign to persuade people to choose them rather than pointed knives!

That doesn't mean banning them, just using design to provide an alternative - which could save lives! Like guns, if someone is determined to use one, they will, but if ordinary shops are selling ranges of kitchen knives that haven't got points, it means that sales of specialist knives with points can be controlled more effectively - which means there could be less on the streets, and fewer people being killed or badly injured. Remember flick knives?