Tom with his girlfriend

Tom-Louis Easton was born in Tottenham, North London, on 25 September 1983. He was a talented musician, with a big warm heart and a dream: he wanted to succeed (like many other musicians), but he also wanted others to share his love of music and help them develop their own talent and potential. His music was a means to give to others and Tom gave with his whole heart.

Take a look at Tom’s MySpace site, which is still online. You can listen to some of the tracks he wrote and performed, and read the comments of his many friends after they learned of his death.

Alternatively, you can listen to "Como Quisiera" here, sung by Rosie, his special sister.

Or a clip from "Voodoo", which is available as a CD and on vinyl from Flavasum:

His close friend, Stallion Solo, recorded a lot of Tom's music. You can see several of his videos dedicated to Tom by clicking them on the side menu.

Tom was buried on 25 September 2006, which would have been his 23rd birthday. A granite boulder was collected from the Alps where his family take their holidays and a short inscription was carved by an artist. The headstone was fixed on 25 September 2008, where Tom's mother read her poem:

"Colours (of Tom)"

BLUE - were your eyes, as deep as the deepest sea
CORN YELLOW - your silky-soft hair
ROSY PINK - was your baby skin
GREEN - was the colour of your hopes when you played your music
GOLD - is my wedding ring I put on your finger, when I said goodbye for the last time...
PURPLE - is the anger I still carry with me...
BLACK - I shall never wear when mourning you
WHITE - is the light I see when I know you're smiling