The Comedy School

Flavasum is working with The Comedy School to promote its educational, training and rehabilitation projects. Its anti-knife play, “It’s No Joke!”, was developed in Haringey with the support of Blunt One. Since then it has reached over 45,000 young people of secondary school age with its messages and information about the legal, emotional, physical and personal consequences of knife-related crime.

Flavasum is supporting The Comedy School to find ways to take its work into primary schools in London. Although it is vital to engage Years 8 and above in secondary schools, we think it is just as important to reach younger children in primary schools, especially those who have already been exposed to the idea that carrying weapons is acceptable. Even Flavasum’s limited knife crime surveys in north and south London show that 11 year olds and under can be deeply affected by knife crime.

We wrote to 54 Haringey primary schools offering them free performances of “It’s No Joke!”. Thirteen schools took up the offer and we received the following response from one of the headteachers:

It was hard hitting, excellently performed and very successful in getting it’s message across. The children found it sad and funny but, above all, were able to relate to it.

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