Tom-Louis Easton was born in Tottenham, North London, on 25 September 1983. He was a talented musician, with a big warm heart and a dream: he wanted to succeed (like many other musicians), but he also wanted others to share his love of music and help them develop their own talent and potential. His music was a means to give to others and Tom gave with his whole heart.

You can listen to “Como Quisiera” here, sung by Rosie, his special sister…

Or a track from “Voodoo”, Tom’s CD produced by Flavasum after he died…

His close friend, Stallion Solo, recorded a lot of Tom’s music. See his videos Broken Dayz and E 9.

Tom was buried on 25 September 2006, which would have been his 23rd birthday. A granite boulder was collected from the Alps where his family take their holidays and a short inscription was carved by an artist. The headstone was fixed on 25 September 2008, where Tom’s mother read her poem:

Colours (of Tom)

BLUE – were your eyes, as deep as the deepest sea
CORN YELLOW – your silky-soft hair
ROSY PINK – was your baby skin
GREEN – was the colour of your hopes when you played your music
GOLD – is my wedding ring I put on your finger, when I said goodbye for the last time…
PURPLE – is the anger I still carry with me…
BLACK – I shall never wear when mourning you
WHITE – is the light I see when I know you’re smiling