Through Unity

Through Unity is a charity formed by a coalition of families that have been deeply affected by knife crime. Their families have experienced first hand the trauma of losing someone. It provides support to others that are going through that suffering.

Through Unity believes that society needs healing through investing in youth services, education and social care, policing and mental health and providing support for vulnerable young people to deal with drugs, gangs, bullying and the fear culture.

It is only Through Unity, that a more cohesive society can be created – a society that supports its youth and is fully inclusive, respecting diversity and gender, nurturing its young people to grow up safely.

In an era when most crime is reported as reducing, violent crime (and in particular youth violence) is increasing in both severity and regularity.  At Through Unity they know that anger and violence are both the result of ‘hurt’ as well as the cause.  When a young person displays violent behaviour they are often crying out for help.

Whilst such crimes need to be punished and the public protected, to reduce such incidents we must also engage with and work with perpetrators through Restorative Practice, Coaching, Youth Work and Informal Education.

The charity is looking to do more to support youth programmes and help tackle the root causes of knife crime in our communities, working alongside the vulnerable and helping them to be more aware of their power and potential and to not feel alone.

Young People are assets to be invested in …. Not expenses to be cut!

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Through Unity
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